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It’s Reformation Sunday and we commemorate the work of Martin Luther to reform the church. On this day we also celebrate with our confirmands who affirm their faith in Jesus Christ.

John’s Gospel reading shares the story of Jesus’ interaction with other Jewish leaders, a debate about what is truth and what is freedom are the result. Martin Luther shared plenty on this topic and today’s sermon is a walk through what truth and freedom mean today.



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A well-to-do young man comes to Jesus and asks, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

We tend to think of ourselves as “get it done” people in the United States, so perhaps we can understand the young man’s question of Jesus. What’s strange is that there isn’t anything we can DO to gain God’s love or eternal life.

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Why are we called to serve others? Is Jesus really trying to teach us something about ourselves? In the reading for the day and in the parable of the sheep and goats, we learn something about what it means to have power and to use power to choose to serve.



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Sermon series built on a theme developed by Adam Hamilton who holds the copyright for the media contents.

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In part two of our series, Pastor Paul looks at the way that we measure our lives, often, by the stuff we have, and suggests an alternative measure, how and what we give.


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This series adapted, with gratitude, from a series shared by Pastor Adam Hamilton.

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